A New Church Plant Finding The Way

Jane had a real passion for the community of which she was a part, a community that had lost its heart and soul, which was marginalised and looked down on by other communities and as a result had developed low self-worth.

Jane felt a call to give the community back its sense of self-worth and to see that God, their heavenly father, loves and cares for them.

She gathered around her a small group of similar minded individuals and they began a Friday night youth club in a local village hall. Initially this wasn’t welcomed by the community as some felt it made problems of anti-social behaviour by young people worse rather than better, but gradually they won people over by their love and care and the impact they had on the behaviour of the young people.

Two years on, this mission minded group faced with limited resources and fundamental questions about the development and expansion of their Ministry. Perceiving the need for external perspectives Jane asked Claybury International to help them think through their next steps.

Leading a day of worship, prayer and discussion, Claybury helped the team understand the gifts and experience they had and how this might help them move into new areas of ministry in partnership with other church communities.

Claybury were invited back the following year when some of these new initiatives had taken root. This time the event focused on how God had helped them to grow their ministry and to celebrate all that He had been doing despite some of the frustrations and challenges they had faced during the year.

It was great for Claybury to see how the ministry had blossomed from a Friday night youth event to a Sunday morning café and drop in centre with children’s activities, midweek small group meetings for various age groups  and wider community involvement that had an impact on the lives of young and old alike. The partnerships with other churches, which had once been strained where now much healthier and they had developed a reputation as a group that cared for and had the best interests of the community at heart. It was great to see the team re energised for their ministry and aware of how God had used them in His service.