Aligning the Executive Team

James was concerned about the effectiveness of His executive team. They were great people, with a real passion for the mission of the organisation but, when it came to achieving what he thought was needed, they had a mixed record of success. Were they all up to the job? Was there something in the way that they worked together that was getting in the way of “success”? Were they getting the most out of the people they were leading? Was he missing something crucial that would help him solve his puzzle?

To help James solve his puzzle we jointly developed an approach that used the best in modern day personality assessments to understand how they saw themselves compared to other leaders and a 360⁰ leadership feedback questionnaire that highlighted the traits of a Christ-like servant leader. These allowed James, the rest of the executive team and some of the people who worked for them, to give their views on how they were leading others.

Feedback was provided individually and privately with each executive team member and then together they explored the results during a team away-day. Facilitated by Claybury International’s consultant this helped the team look at what the results meant for them individually and for the team. The day resulted in the team identifying specific steps they could take to improve their understanding of one another, and how together they could bring out the best in each other and support one another to improve their performance and in turn, that of the organisation.

James was also delighted because he now had an independent, clearer picture of each person in the team as well as the team itself. He was able to see how he could use the skills and experience of each person for the good of the team and organisation. It also allowed him to see where he needed to make changes in the membership of the team, the roles people played and the overall structure of the team and the organisation.

James was so pleased that he asked Claybury International to facilitate a strategic review of the organisation’s products enabling him and the executive team  to make well founded decisions about how best to deploy their people, time and finances.