Helping Develop a Church Vision

When the church has a vision but is struggling with issues that seem to be frustrating that vision how can you move forward? Peter, as the minister could see some of the issues but was having difficulty getting others to see them for themselves and when they did, to take action to address them.

The result was that the church was stagnating: they had some huge plans to make the church the centre of the community, but these came with a big price tag and huge changes, which some had said they and the church were not ready for.

Peter knew he needed to bring an independent perspective to bear to enable church members to see and discuss the issues, identifying clear steps forward so they could move on and fulfil their God given mission to make disciples. He asked Claybury International to help.

Claybury International’s advisor first met with the leaders to pull together background information about the church, its history, structures, activities and finances.  Then the whole church was invited to take part in the discussion. Some did this through completing a questionnaire about the health of the church, others chose to meet in small groups to discuss what was great about being part of the church and the challenges they faced.

Everyone was then invited to a whole day of celebration and reflection, where Claybury helped people share their hopes and dreams for the church and the challenges that might get in the way of these dreams being realised. The results of the questionnaires and outcomes of the small group meetings were discussed so everyone was able to hear the perspective of the whole church as well as their own.

Peter was delighted that some of the issues that people had been reluctant to speak about were addressed in a loving, caring atmosphere which in some cases meant the start of a healing process for those hurts. The day also led to a smaller group of people, including the leaders, meeting to clarify the church’s vision and develop ways to address the issues and take specific steps to make the vision a reality.