Preparing for Organisational Discontinuity

A mission agency team in a post communist country faced downsizing due to the global economic down-turn. This was something for which their background and life experience did not prepare them. In the communist system, jobs were chosen for individuals at school and thereafter education and training was focused to that end. People had no choice in the matter. Consequently, being faced, unprepared with redundancy would have been devastating. Prior to the “at risk” announcements work was needed to prepare the way.

A specific programme was undertaken to broaden each person’s awareness of their capabilities in order to build up confidence, as well as equipping them to appreciate the range of tasks and roles of which they were capable. This work was led with personal inventories/psychometrics which helped individuals discover their talents, motives, values and attitudes and were followed with one-on-one feedback sessions and subsequent coaching.

As a result of the organisational restructuring four people left the team but were equipped to successfully find and take up new employment.

Under the old regime which had moulded these people, career path thinking had been considered anti-social. A Christ-centred development programme equipped them to successfully step into the new culture that global events had forced upon them.