Refocusing Organisational Culture

A global mission agency was challenged by the need to create and establish a corporate culture shift. Although they recognised this, they needed assistance in formulating their optimum desired shape and culture and to determine the path along which this transformation would be achieved.

Consultancy was provided to establish the target culture, based on Christ-centred servant leadership principles, and set out the steps required to achieve this. This included the redesign of the senior executive team which necessitated changes in personnel and leadership style and the establishment of an executive responsible for the programme.

A programme was designed to train regional leadership teams around the world, including the chief executives of over 80 partner organisations. This programme has been executed on global basis over the last nine years.

The programme has made significant differences to the organisation, stabilising it and generating a coherence and cohesion that had been lost through globalisation. It has raised up individuals from the ranks into leadership and has enhanced the organisation’s vision and growth.