Side Stepping the Burnout Trash Can by Recycling Lives

Adam was burning out. The tell-tale signs were visible to his wife and those with whom he worked. He was always busy and made many visits but his productivity had nose-dived. This is often a sign of stress related problems. The person on the edge of burnout convinces themselves that their busyness is due to productive work, instead they are justifying their avoidance of the things that cause them stress.

After many years of service Adam (not his real name) was a department head in the field for an international mission agency, which made his predicament all the more difficult as it also affected the effectiveness of those for whom he was responsible. Claybury International had been working with Adam and his wife for a while to help address his situation but it became clear that urgent steps were needed to help him avoid burnout. It is not uncommon for missionaries who burnout to retreat from their calling altogether, which would have been a disaster.

Claybury began discussing job/person matching with the mission agency’s home office to find some place that Adam could be true to his calling but which was out of the line of fire and which served the cause.  The agency had been struggling to fill an important role at the home office for some time, one that fitted Adam’s gifting and call but until then the dots had never been connected. He and his wife left the field for this new position in which they have thrived and flourished, gaining a new lease of life and service.  At the time of writing Adam has been in this post for three years and he, his wife and the mission agency are delighted with the outcome. Since their return Claybury has also engaged in regular follow up to help him settle into his new role.