Smoothing the Gap in the Interim….

Sue was facing a crises: her Operations Manager was leaving in four weeks and she knew from previous experience that it might take up to 9 months to find a suitable person to replace them.

Other members of her executive team were already over stretched. Simply sharing the burden until a new recruit could be found would not only result in their performance levels nose diving but would also have a knock on effect on their departments too. The whole situation was made worse because the Operations Manager was also responsible for funding and income and these were now falling away. Also the relationships between people in the operations department were already strained. She needed urgent help.

Sue turned to Claybury International to ask for help in the interim to keep the operation “ticking over” and in the hope that some of the other issues might also be addressed before a the new appointment was be made. She was also becoming increasing aware that the next Operations Manager would need to adopt a different approach than before.

A Claybury consultant joined the team part time and Sue saw immediate results. Role modelling Christ-centred servant leadership, the Claybury consultant ensured the people in the operations team felt included and appreciated. Their concerns were listened to and changes made to make sure they were able to do their jobs more effectively. The relationship issues that had surfaced were tackled with empathy and understanding, and as a result communication within the team improved.

The organisation’s  dwindling income was also partly due to processes that were reducing its ability to keep track of its supporters and monitor and manage income when it was received. More importantly a strategy was needed to tackle the funding, income and promotion of the organization and this was developed. Purely reducing costs was never going to solve the ongoing financial shortfall but now the organization was taking positive steps to increase its income as well as manage its costs.

Claybury International’s  expertise in recruitment was also brought to bear and a new Operations Manager was appointed in only 4 months. They were selected because they had both  the skills, personality and experience that would help the organization take these more positive steps and because they  would lead in style that seeks to reflect that of Jesus, the Servant Leader