“The Late John Smith” The Abysmal Time Manager

The “Late John Smith” was so nicknamed, not because he was dead but because his grasp on time management was so notoriously dismal.  He had such a heart for people, and so wanted to help, that he could not say no. He frequently double and triple booked himself and was never on time. Being unable to re-write the Laws of Physics it came to a point where his job was on the line.

John Smith (not his real name) happened to be a youth pastor but his time management problems are common to many in all walks of life. Apart from his issue with time management he was really good at his job and so his employers sought to give him one last chance.

Claybury International’s intervention took the form of an intensive coaching programme, meeting with him weekly for period. John was led to discover why he compulsively over committed himself and to see that, rather than being a help to those he wanted to serve, it was a severe hindrance. He also learned the principles of time management and put them into practice. His initial journey was not without relapse but he got hold of and learned how to apply these time management principles for himself.

John soon lost the nickname, never to be called the “Late John Smith” again. He became so effective that other churches called him in to teach them how to run an effective youth ministry. His reputation grew and he was head hunted to become the chaplain of a professional soccer team, a work in which he also excelled.