Claybury International’s Community

Claybury International works with Christian leaders in churches, mission and other organisations to establish Christ-centred leadership practices.  The goal?  That they become spiritually mature servant-leaders in the style modelled by Jesus, so the people that they lead can achieve their full potential, serving God, aligned to his Kingdom purposes.

Claybury serves churches and individual church leaders in many denominations, supporting individual pastors, training teams, facilitating visioning and problem solving, supporting the recruitment of new pastors or team members and on occasion assisting in the resolution of issues. These include churches in the following denominations:

    • Church of England
    • Baptists in many countries
    • The Vineyard
    • The Apostolic Church
    • The Church of Christ.


We have support and advise mission agencies and other Christian organisations, providing a wide range of services  including: personal and team training and development, consultancy, executive team development and coaching, member care, pastoral care, recruitment support and counseling:

    • TWR (Transworld Radio)
    • TWR-Europe
    • ERF (Evangeliums-Rundfunk)
    • Premier Media Group
    • World Vision
    • Pioneers
    • Team International
    • International Teams
    • Spurgeons College


We have, and still do partner with Christian academic institutions, designing and delivering courses up to Master of Arts degree level, teaching servant leadership around the world, and for ten years, providing challenging, in-service training to ministers:

    • Spurgeons College
    • Redcliffe College
    • Azusa Pacific University
    • London Theological College
    • Oakhill Theological College


We partner with other organisations who support church and mission agencies to encourage and guide Christian leaders. This list includes:

      • One Another Ministries
      • CWR
      • Paraklesis
      • Pinnacle
      • Evangelical Alliance
      • Global Connections
      • European Member Care Conference
      • Brunel Manor
      • Spring Harvest


On the way members of our team have had the privilege to have taught secular organisations and governments, at senior ministerial levels, about Servant Leadership to MA degree level and how to master stress:

    • The Ethiopian Government
    • The Ghanaian Government
    • The Kent Education Authority