Date:January 06, 2012

Claybury International’s Ministry

Claybury International’s goal is that Christian leaders and those that they lead might flourish, achieving their full potential.

Our ministry is to support and serve Christian leaders, in churches and Christian organisations so that they might serve in a sustainable manner, in turn enabling their people to flourish, achieving their full potential for the Kingdom of God.

Christ-centred Servant Leadership

Christian leadership is multifaceted, however, one key area is sorely neglected in Bible colleges and seminaries: The leadership of people, teams and organisations. Christian leaders are left to work it out for themselves. In the struggle to workout how to lead people, churches and organisations are left open to secular methods and outlooks and are subjected to the pain of trial and error. History and experience sadly testify to the resultant catastrophes.

The leadership model advocated by Claybury International follows that of the Servant King: Christ-centred servant leadership. The nature and character of Jesus’ approach to leading his team of disciples underpins the practical leadership style we teach. It is supported by a selection of tools and methods that are sympathetic to this approach.  The focus of a servant leader is his people; his fundamental goal is to enable them to achieve their full potential while serving their shared purpose.

This is not a Christianised version of any secular leadership philosophy. They may be well and good, but they work from the basis of a secular world view and at best are not distinctly Christian in nature.

The outcomes of a Christ-centred servant leadership approach derive from the fact that its goal is to enable each individual to flourish, achieving their full potential. It is an approach that leads to high levels of engagement matched by a desire to serve with excellence, resulting in greater effectiveness and improved quality. These are crucial in the face of the scarce resources and limited finances to be found in most churches and Christian organisations. Using those resources and that money to the greatest effect is vitally important.

A Sustainable Approach to Ministry

Claybury International’s concern is also that leaders develop a stable, sustainable approach to their ministry and life. There are many issues and stresses that affect a Christian leader in both churches and organisations, but not many are original or unique. None the less, without care these can crush a leader, causing them to burnout; significantly impacting those that they lead.

We engage in a number of group and individual member care approaches aimed at enabling leaders to achieve a sustainable approach, regaining stability if necessary, including: pastoral support to teams and individual leaders, coaching, mentoring and counselling.