Date:February 17, 2012

Pinnacle Ministries

Pinnacle Ministries is a pastoral and church leadership development ministry specializing in leadership development retreats for church leadership teams. They focus on three key areas:
  • Training (Development) – offering sound Biblical foundations for ministry and leadership development. These include training seminars held both locally and regionally, as well as individual consultations with pastors and leadership teams.
  • Coaching (Motivation) – helping pastors refocus their energies for effective ministry. This is accomplished through both one-to-one counselling and new pastor mentoring programs.
  • Renewing (Restoration) – helping pastors recover faltering lives and ministries. We network and refer to quality professional pastoral counselling and renewal services, and offer personal counselling and relevant career testing for self-discovery and growth.

Claybury has had the pleasure of tracking this organization from its very beginning. And once again, these two organizations are in close working relationship and seek opportunities to minister together, where possible.