Date:January 06, 2012

Can We Serve You?

Claybury International has over 30 years of expertise serving Christian workers, ministers, missionaries, churches and organisations both at home base and in the field. Our scope spans from the smallest church to international ministry organisations; from individuals to teams. Claybury’s services include training, consultancy, facilitation, psychometric assessments, mentoring, coaching, member care, team building, recruitment consultancy, and counseling.

For Churches

We can assist you with the evaluation and selection process for any team member, not just the minister. Our Dovetail service helps connect pastors and ministry team members with churches to facilitate ministry placements. Having assembled your ministry team we can help you enable that team to learn to work together effectively. Our training and coaching programmes develop leadership excellence aimed at enabling both team members and congregation alike to achieve their full potential. Beyond this we are often called upon to facilitate the development of strategies for ministry and also in problem and conflict resolution.

For Organisations

Excellence in leadership is the most crucial element in the effectiveness of your organisation. By enabling your people to achieve their full potential Claybury can help your organisation reach its Kingdom vision by developing a practical, real life Christ-centred leadership style. To enhance the effectiveness of your organisation we can help you in many ways, including: installing a structured recruitment process or a staff performance management system, developing high performance leadership teams, facilitating strategy and problem solving sessions, project management training and consultancy, executive mentoring and coaching, designing and facilitating organisational change programmes.

For Leaders

Being a leader, even in a church can be a lonely place. Claybury can help you overcome those pressures. Our ministry began with coming alongside Christian leaders, including pastors, and this continues today. We can help you test your calling and establish personal development plans to extend the leadership and people skills that you need to fulfil that calling. Claybury training programmes and individual seminars can help you develop your leadership capabilities. Personalised coaching and mentoring can also help you to apply that training to situations that may arise.

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